How to invest

Come share the benefits of scale

Great Dane Fund Advisors and Great Dane the Danish mutual fund were founded on a vision offering active management at passive prices. Making high quality active asset management accessible for the masses – both small retail investors as well as large institutions – without them having to pay 1,5% or more in annual fees. 

We just love the mutual fund business model. Its brilliant. When many small investors pool their savings they should be able to achieve prices similar to large institutional investors. For some reason, it just never happens. As actively managed mutual funds grow their assets, their TER somehow gets stuck somewhere between 1% and 2% – no matter how big a fund is. It is our plan to change that. How about a high quality active value fund, managed by a team of seasoned professionals, exchange traded so that you can buy it and sell it the same day (we don’t see why, btw) with an annual all-in-cost around 0,5%? That is where we will get, when our assets grow. Even better. With more assets under management, we will be able to negotiate even better pricing for the mutual fund family. So come join us. 

As we want to fully exploit the economies of scale in fund management, we encourage large instutional investors and other professional investors to invest directly into the mutual fund rather than asking our team to manage a discretionary account. Until the TER of our mutual funds are low enough to be super competive with a $100 mln.+ discretionary mandate, we are able to offer large institutions an ‘economies of scale’ rebate. Get in touch with us. We do not do this as alternative way of ‘creating share classes’ to maximize our fee from various types of investors. On the contrary. Our long term goal is that all investors in the funds that we manage should have the exact same low (and superior) pricing. But the first billion under management is the one that creates the most economies of scale, and hence it is attractive for all our mutual fund investors to attract some ‘big chunks’ to get to the low annual TER as soon as possible.

Our three funds are trading on the Nasdaq Copenhagen Stock Exchange with the below identifiers: