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Value reunion in Funen

Two well-known value veterans in Danish asset mangement will reunite with former colleague and launch concentrated European Value fund at attractive pricing. Denmark’s smallest mutual fund company Great Dane wants to grow big and teams up with Kasper Billy Jacobsen and Jens Moestrup Rasmussen who n co-lead the value team at Sparinvest for the past 20 years.

After six years of uphill battle and the traditional Benjamin Graham value strategy being out of favor, two value heavy weights join forces with boutique value manager Great Dane. Jacobsen and Rasmussen left Sparinvest last year after Nykredit taking over the independent asset manager. During their tenure with Sparinvest, they grew their assets in value strategies from DKK 700 mln. to DKK 40 bln. at its peak before the Great Financial Crisis.

Familiar setup

In Funen, Thomas Bastrup, founder, portfolio manager and CEO with Great Dane is thrilled that Jacobsen and Rasmussen are joining. We will have the depth and strenght in the team to attract even the very largest and most professional institutions. “We have all the prerequisites to become a real value power house with this team which I would characterize as absolute top notch in Europe”, says Bastrup.

The reunion has gone smooth. “We have worked together before, we complement eachother very well and we know each others strengths and weaknesses. Furthermore our investment processes are very similar, since Bastrup was a member of our team at Sparinvest from 2005 until 2009, so we follow the same basic investment philosphy”, says Jens Moestrup Rasmussen.

“We have continously improved our process, not least with a significant ESG content which we have integrated since 2007. Meanwhile Thomas has come up with other elements here in Funen, which improves our process and returns,” says Kasper Billy Jacobsen.

“There is no doubt that we were very happy working together at the old Sparinvest. Especially with the atmosphere we had going for us at a small and agile organization. What Thomas Bastrup and the Funen families have created with Great Dane Fund Advisors is very similar to the organization I joined as a young man in 1997, when the head count could be done using only two hands”, says Jens Moestrup Rasmussen.

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