About us

Fund management back to basics

Great Dane Fund Advisors was founded in 2014 by two industrial family offices in Funen, Denmark, and former Sparinvest portfolio manager Thomas Bastrup.  Both families managed significant assets in-house which created satisfactory returns – but also a lot of administrative work. At the same time, the founders believed it should be possible to offer an actively managed mutual fund available for retail investors with a pricing similar to that of institutional investors. By establishing their own fund and advisory they also created a business opportunity. 

In January 2015, Great Dane launched the Halberg-Gundersen Globale Aktier fund. It later changed its name to Great Dane Globale Aktier. Its philosophy is a deep value, bottom up, fundamental approach and it has been extremely style consistent over time.

In 2021 several ex Sparinvest leadership members joined Great Dane as portfolio managers and board members. The team moved on to launch the global enhanced index multifactor strategy INDEX+ and an European Value fund mirroring the investment process and style of the 2015 global fund. 

Today, our plan is to grow our assets both domestically and internationally in order to prove that the economies of scale will automatically lower the TER of our funds to institutional levels as our assets under management grow.