Great Dane Fund Advisors (GDFA) was founded in 2014 in Funen, Denmark by the two renowned industrial families, Halberg and Gundersen, and investment manager Thomas Bastrup.

The Gundersen (established 1864) and Halberg (established 1887) families have been value investors for decades, and their family offices remain our flagship investors.

In 2015, Great Dane launched its Global Equities Fund. The fund’s investment philosophy is characterized by a deep value, bottom-up, fundamental approach and it has been extremely style consistent over time.

In 2021 former Sparindex chief quant Jacob Loiborg joined GDFA to launch a global multifactor enhanced index fund (INDEX+) which is priced lower than even the World's very largest ETF index trackers.

Great Dane’s mission is to offer investors globally access to active fund management - driven by fundamental, academically and empirically well-founded strategies - at passive fund price points. At the same time, we want to remain an agile boutique advisory offering only investment products that are relevant and value creating for our investors.

The GDFA funds are UCITS and trading on the Nasdaq Copenhagen exchange.